Quiet Fans for Bedrooms

Quiet Fans for Bedrooms

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed negatively affects your whole day. Start your morning right by getting a good night’s sleep. Sleeping in a room that is too hot, stuffy, or filled with loud or sudden noises can interrupt a vital night’s rest. Many people find sleeping with a fan on aids sleep, not only by lowering the temperature in the room and creating a gentle breeze, but by providing a quiet, soothing white noise that helps drown out other sounds. Quiet fans for bedrooms can mask street noises, snores, and other interruptions, without being an interruption themselves.

Classic Fans: Gentle Background Noise

Light sleepers will appreciate quiet fans for bedrooms that offer a gentle background sound.  “White noise” refers to a steady, unchanging sound that works to cloak other sounds that prevent sleep. The consistency of white noise helps mask noises that can startle you awake, like the neighbor’s dog barking, or a car honking in the street.  Quiet fans for bedrooms can serve the same purpose of a white noise machine, providing a gentle hum paired with a cooling breeze to help get a solid night’s sleep. A classic pedestal fan designed with multiple settings is perfect for those who want a quiet fan for the bedroom that can also double as a white noise maker. For example, the 16″ Oscillating Stand Fan (available in white or black) comes with three quiet speed settings that offer wide-area oscillation without a lot of clatter. The adjustable height and head can be positioned to sweep over the room or point directly at the height of your bed. The 18″ Elegance & PERFORMANCE Pedestal Fan or the 20″ Oscillating Remote Control Pedestal Fan are ideal for a large master bedroom or particularly warm upper-floor space, both offering quiet speed settings while still delivering a powerful airflow.

Double Duty: Quiet Fans for Bedrooms That Create Peaceful Ambience

Sleeping in a room that is stuffy or too bright can affect how you or your partner sleep. Trying to fall asleep with bright lights or loud noises near you, especially if you are sensitive to sound when sleeping. Quiet fans for bedrooms that also have features to help you sleep better, like dim control lights and auto-slow fan speeds, can help create soothing environments for sensitive sleepers. Tower fans with a Nighttime Setting, like the Wind Curve® Tower Fan with Nighttime Setting or the Space-Saving Performance Tower Fan & Remote are designed with nighttime comfort in mind. These fans can automatically dim control lights and gradually decrease fan speed, so you can enjoy the gentle breezes while you are lulled to sleep. The quiet speed settings of fans like the Oscillating Tower Fan and the Xtra Air Tower Fan with Remote Control can supply crisp, fresh breezes without disturbing your sleep. Tower fans also take up very little space; their vertical height and minimal floor space suit smaller bedrooms or kids’ rooms.

Space Savers: Quiet Fans for Smaller Spaces

Speaking of smaller bedrooms, size matters when it comes to choosing quiet fans for bedrooms. If you have limited space in the room, the sounds made by any device will be amplified. A large utility fan will be loud and impractical in a tiny sleeping space, while a personal table fan may not be enough to create white noise in a large, high-ceiling, master bedroom. Those who do not want to hear any noise should veer away from a table fan placed on the bedside table and stick with a tower fan or window fan positioned across the room. For others, a table fan is the perfect fit. Small but mighty, a table fan offers the same quiet settings as its larger counterparts and lends a serene hum of quiet white noise to the room. The Air Stik® Ultra Slim Oscillating Fan (which comes in white or black to match your bedroom’s décor) fits neatly on a dresser top, table, or nightstand. Its compact and snug design still provides a powerful oscillating air flow to the room. Smaller options are also more portable, allowing you to move the fan where it’s most needed. Strong contenders in this smaller category are the Breeze Machine Fan, a small air circulator fan that can be placed either on the floor or on a steady flat tabletop surface for your convenience, and the 6″ Personal Fan, which boasts whisper-quiet speed settings. Quiet fans for bedrooms are available in a variety of sizes that match your room needs. The right fan for your bedroom is ultimately the one that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep in comfort. We hope you can use these suggestions to help pick the right quiet fan for your bedroom for many nights of restful sleep and sweet dreams.  

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